Fargesia Rufa

Fargesia rufa, also called the panda bamboo, is a species from China. As with all of the fargesias, this bamboo is a clumping bamboo, meaning that it does not spread rapidly with runners. The new shoots on fargesias come up on the outside edge of the plant, resulting in a slow outward growth. Fargesia rufa is a hardy and versatile bamboo, adding screening at a mid range or a nice bamboo for a large pot on a deck. Rufas are able to regrow quickly from heavy thinning or pruning, which is why it is one of the principle bamboos that the Giant Panda feeds on.  The average height of this bamboo in our coastal climate is seven feet. The canes, or culms as they are called on living bamboo, grow up to approximately ½” in diameter. New culm sheaths are pale orange red or pink in color.

This bamboo is a great addition to a small landscape and makes a good choice for a non invasive medium sized hedge or a vertical element to a small patio garden.