Our Staff

Happy Employees Naturally Offer Good Customer Service

Laurel Bay Gardens seeks out passionate and knowledgeable professionals to hire, offers continuous training, and equips them for success. For example, staffers have smart phones with access to exclusive web content written for the landscaping industry. This gives them instant on-site information to help clients make wise choices for their landscaping projects.

Employees also have significant input to inventory selection, and are paid to participate in community events such as the Home and Garden Show and the Green Fair. Laurel Bay Gardens also pays staff for community service time when the company does pro-bono work for local charitable non-profits.

During staff meetings, Lisa and Dave make sure to share the positive reviews, thank-you notes, and other comments from customers. Laurel Bay staff say things like “We like being here. We get to hang out in a garden, create great gardens for others, and genuinely like working together to make our customers, and ourselves, look good.”

Owner: Lisa Walter-Sedlacek

Lisa has owned and managed Laurel Bay Gardens since 1988. She holds the landscaping and irrigation licenses for the company. She has additional training credentials in irrigation system design, water wise irrigation system design, irrigation auditing, and storm water and sustainable landscape design. Prior to starting Laurel Bay Gardens, Lisa worked in environmental education and forest resource management. She graduated with honors from the School of Forestry at Oregon State University, holding a BS in Forestry Resource Management.

Owner: David Sedlacek

David started and developed Bay Bamboo as a home business for over 10 years before helping to develop the nursery with Lisa in 2004. He is the project coordinator for nursery development. David holds the Backflow Testing Certification for the company. David has worked for over 30 years for the US Forest Service in Recreation Management and assists in the summers with the Northwest USFS Fire Team. Prior to his career in Forestry, David obtained an associate degree from Linn Benton Community College in Wood Technology.