Spring Is the Thing

It’s coming, we see it, we feel it. The Arcadian rhythm of the seasons tells us that spring is almost here. Don’t be fooled by the hail and snow; the bursting buds on the magnolias and flowering cherries tell us that it will be gardening time soon.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Laurel Bay Garden’s booth at the 2012 Florence Garden Show, you missed a great view of the wonderful possibilities of gardening with Mediterranean plant themes and wonderful spring blooming camellias and forsythias. But not to worry…we have all the plants at our nursery and even more as we showcase the newest plants for your garden. One of the hottest plants at the show is our new Acacia pravissma, also called Oven’s wattle. This small tree from Australia bursts with yellow blooms in March for a spectacular display. The apparent leaves of many acacias are not actually true leaves; they are “phyllodes”, flattened leaf stalks, which appear like and serve the same function as leaves. The common name, wattle, comes from early Australian settlers who would build houses using ‘wattle and daub’ method. They would use the pliable acacia branches to weave the wall and then cover it with mud.

Also arriving this last month, we have a full selection of pine, cypress, cedar, and other evergreen trees to fill in those open areas Mother Nature created this winter with our wind storm. For lower screening, we have a great selection of clumping bamboo, the bamboo that behaves, with growth heights from eight to sixteen feet.

Be sure to stop in and check out all the new plants that will add color and interest to your garden. At LaurelBayGardens, we are glad to get you growing!