Moso of the North

One of the newer bamboos in our nursery is Phyllostachys kwangsiensis, also called Moso of the North. This running timber bamboo has beautiful canes covered by a dense pubescence which gives the stems a rich soft green look. It has performed really well in
pots and seems to enjoy our coastal climate. It is native to the warmer southern Chinese province of Guangxi, growing up to 52 feet in height and having a 4 inch culm diameter in its native habitat.

On the coast this bamboo will probably only reach 25 to 30 feet in height. The culm wood is hard and is used in China in construction, furniture making, and weaving. The shoots are edible although somewhat astringent. Plant this great bamboo in pots, surrounded by bamboo barrier or where you have room for it to spread. It prefers full sun and needs some watering to get established.