Garden Growing Time

It’s time to get your thoughts into growing your garden this year. March is a good time to prepare your soil, getting large weeds out, rototilling or turning over the soil, and adding compost to improve the tilth. We like our Blended Mint Compost for gardens; it has composted steer and chicken manure, silica sand, garden compost, composted mint straw and old sawdust. It makes a great additive to your garden and can be used to top dress your berry bushes and other shrubs in your yard. We also use it to top dress lawns in the spring.

Vegetables that you can plant from seed now include peas and spinach. Toward the end of the month you can plant starts of  lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Be sure to put out some slug bait. You might consider putting in a cloche or cold frame over your garden to do a temporary cover from the spring hail and hard rains. A small hoop house can make an instant green house. Or you can use tomato cages with a clear garbage bag for individual plants. Leave some space at the base of the inclosure to let the heat out; a small opening at the top will also help release the heat when the sun does come out.

At Laurel bay Gardens, we carry a full line of gardening compost, seeds, and vegetable starts, along with organic and other types of fertilizers. Check us out; we’ll be glad to get you growing!